Andaz Singapore’s Outstanding Amenities in Every Suite and Room

Andaz Singapore’s Outstanding Amenities in Every Suite and Room


Andaz Singapore’s Outstanding Amenities in Every Suite and Room
Andaz Singapore’s Outstanding Amenities in Every Suite and Room


Andaz Singapore has such high demand since its establishment in 2017. For three years, its popularity has surpassed many five-star Singapore hotels. When it comes to the exterior, it is attractive with the futuristic décor. The interior also charms guests since they enter the lobby. But, most guests are impressed with the overall amenities within rooms and suites here.

Amenities You Get in Any Room at Andaz Singapore

You can see more than three hundred rooms and suites within the property, along with the additional three large suites and one presidential suite. Some of them have similar layouts, particularly for rooms.

Every guest will pass through the 26 meters high featured wall that shows the masterpiece of Andre Mendes, a famous Brazilian artist. Called ‘The World Traveler’, it can be seen by all guests who are about to go to their rooms.

The first impressive thing about each room is the door number. Each door number is marked on a letterbox with vintage style. Yet, it applies high technology keycard reader within the box. Now, let’s check what amenities are within each room.

Standard and deluxe rooms have room service, flat television with cable television, slippers, toiletries, blackout curtains, sofa, bottled water, and standard amenities that complement good furniture sets and fixtures.

Well, those aforementioned facilities and amenities look similar to others at common Singapore hotels. But, guests who have entered any of those standard or deluxe rooms, will be amazed at how they are well prepared, along with the high standard of sanitation and serving.

Hold Your Breath before Entering Any of The Suites

If all facilities and amenities in guest rooms are very special, then it is easy to imagine how Andaz Singapore suites offer theirs. At first, hold your breath before you enter any of the suites here. Let’s check out what you will get in Studio Suite. The first thing to see is the small bathroom for guests of Studio Suites’ guests in the entrance foyer.

Then, the swing door welcomes guests to the main living room. Even if the door is small, the ample living room and bedroom separated areas will make them in awe. The style is both luxurious and modern with a giant window overlooking the vibrant of Singapore city.

The wardrobe is so huge that you might have imagined because you won’t bring as many clothes as this wardrobe can hold. The full-length mirror adds charm, along with the giant window that provides the full light from the tropical Singapore sun.

The more amazing thing about the toiletries is the exclusive bath amenities from Christophe Laudamiel. Guests can enjoy hair balm, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, and vegetable soap from this French perfumer. Don’t worry, guests will get the complimentary gift box containing a hand cream and a lip balm.

Many reviewers praise the service recovery that they got, even if they only make a very small, unimportant complaint. So, any doubt about Andaz Singapore? Nobody will regret staying in the hotel. Instead, they will come back for a more luxurious living experience.