The Benefits of Swimming for Health

The Benefits of Swimming for Health


I love staying at a hotel which has its own swimming pool. Lucky me, I have the Hotel Boss to fulfill my needs. Do you like swimming as much as I love it? If so, you need to visit this hotel. Because this Hotel Boss has a huge pool.


Well, some other Singapore Hotels also have pools. But I love swimming at the huge Hotel Boss pool. Swimming is one of the refreshing yet fun sports for me. By swimming, I do exercise and calming my body at the same time.


I read lots of articles about the benefits of swimming for health. Thus, I love swimming until now. There is no reason for me to quit. Here I share my reading notes about how beneficial swimming is.



Water calms us

Much research talks about how great water gives a soothing effect. I want to say: yes, it is. Whenever I get into the water, I feel relaxed. The water calms me. Some other research tells me that spending time near water has the same benefits as doing meditation. What can I say? I love swimming more than yoga. LOL


Swimming has a small risk

Ehm, I don’t agree with this statement. But, let’s see the reason behind this statement. From the article I read, the small risk here means the risk of getting our muscles, joints, and bones stressed. Unlike jogging or another exercise, swimming is a way to get a cardio workout without too much pain.


Then, I agree with that article. But when we talked about other risks, I cannot guarantee that swimming has a small risk at all. In the end, life is about taking all of the risks, isn’t it?


Swimming brings us to nature

If we are lucky enough to get a chance to swim in a sea, lake, or river, we can call that swimming brings us close to nature. What about swimming in a pool? For me, it is the same thing. Especially swimming in the pool of Hotel Boss. The green views surrounding the pool are natural.


Swimming builds strength and cardio abilities at the same time

Although swimming is a sport that has little impact on the body, swimming produces quite powerful results. Usually, swimming is classified as a kind of aerobic exercise, swimming can increase endurance in exercising and increase strength. Building and maintaining muscle as you age is essential for maintaining a healthy body for the long term. And of course, this can be obtained through regular swimming. Endurance in exercising can also affect sleep quality and bone strength.


Swimming makes lungs healthy

Several studies have shown that there is a link between swimmers and lung capacity that is better than the average person. With healthy lungs, the body can process oxygen more effectively. This will make it easy for you to lose your breath easily. Stronger lungs can also make you more immune to disease. According to a study conducted in 2007, thinning lung capacity can make a person more susceptible to cardiovascular disease.


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Have a great weekend!