IEYC Learning Aspects at Global Sevilla as Preschool Jakarta

Perfectly integrating the curriculum needs to be done in the best way by adapting the ideology. In this case, Global Sevilla applies the concept of quality teaching with the IEYC curriculum or International Early Years Curriculum – namely four adaptable learning paths in the classroom. So, how does this preschool Jakarta apply learning aspects that are useful for young learners? Check here!

Important Aspects in IEYC Learning

  1. Learning about Student Independence

This particular aspect relates to the many objectives of the IEYC program, which means there are many ideas for implementing them. In this case, the focus is on introducing students’ self-awareness – namely social, personal, and emotional development. Global Sevilla tries to integrate this curriculum through a mindfulness approach, play, learning, sensory, and other positive materials.

  1. Communication Aspect

Every student has the potential to develop well thanks to communication. Thus, Global Sevilla provides space and time for students to interact with classmates or teachers. There are many ways to implement a curriculum well, and Global Sevilla takes the liberty of having fun learning. Thus, students learn to the maximum to develop.

Also, preschool Jakarta provides younger students with learning basic skills with shapes and numbers. After that, this aspect of communication was also applied through experiments, games, reading songs and rhymes, and fun games. The focus is on cultivating students’ communication skills through listening, reading, art, speaking, etc.

  1. Learn to Ask

At a higher level than preschool students will learn useful things with more challenging material. Students can learn through the form of games, plays, or problem-solving materials to make them more developed. All the advice available on Global Sevilla is a method to help them understand people and the world. Here, students will develop logical thinking in order to ask questions well.

  1. Health and Welfare

The last aspect focuses on a positive attitude, which consists of self-care, physical activity, and health. Most of the activities of the program will consist of developing maximum motor skills. Students at preschool Jakarta may have to perform fine motor skills with exercise and classroom activities. Global Sevilla also uses a mindfulness approach so that students learn with good focus.

Aspects of early childhood learning provide good development in the golden age. That is why many schools are interested in adopting the IEYC curriculum in PAUD. In this case, Global Sevilla has succeeded in implementing various essential aspects in all school activities. From toddlers to kindergarten, students will learn how to communicate, ask questions, be healthy, and be independent.