Rows of Mascara that are Easy to Clean, No Need to Be Afraid of Losing Eyelashes!

Marsha BeautyMascara is often the mainstay to complement natural and dramatic makeup. Mascara is able to give the effect of curly and thick eyelashes that will make the eyes look more radiant. As with other makeup products, mascara also needs to be cleaned after applying makeup. Because if not cleaned it can cause eye irritation. It’s just that if you use mascara that is too waterproof, it will be difficult to clean. Too much rubbing the eyes to remove the mascara can make eyelashes fall out easily. Therefore, you should find a mascara that is easy to clean even though it is waterproof.

How to Clean Mascara

After applying makeup, mascara should be immediately cleaned along with other makeup products. If mascara is not cleaned, there is a risk of eye health problems that may be caused by residual mascara that enters the eyes. Actually, how to clean mascara is not difficult. One of them is that you simply compress the eyes using a cotton swab that has been moistened with oil makeup remover or micellar water. Do this while closing your eyes and let it rest for a few seconds so that the mascara is lifted perfectly.

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Easy -to -Clean Mascara Recommendations

For some people, cleaning mascara feels quite time consuming. It is not uncommon for many people to clean mascara originally by rubbing the eyes with a cotton ball that even makes the eyelashes fall out. Well, so that you can find mascara that is easy to clean and does not risk making eyelashes fall out, Marsha Beauty has prepared some of the following recommendations. Check this out!

Benefit BADGal Mascara

This first mascara recommendation comes with a water based formula that promises a dramatic eyelash look. This mascara has a pointed cone -shaped applicator, so it can reach the lashes from root to tip and is effective in curling and lengthening lashes. The results of using this mascara can give you a natural to dramatic appearance of eyelashes. In addition to curling and lengthening, this mascara can also give volume to the eyelashes such as using fake lashes.

This mascara has a waterproof formula and can last up to 16 hours. Although waterproof, this mascara is very easy to clean. You just need to remove mascara using cleansing water or eye makeup remover, it’s quite simple, right? The price can be said to be pricey, because this mascara is one of the high end products, namely Rp440,000.

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara can make eyelashes longer, curly, and glossy because it has a gel formula. You can apply this Clinique mascara in layers without the risk of clumping or clumping. The shape of the applicator is a classic comb, so it can reach the eyelashes from root to tip. This mascara consists of two variants, namely Jet Black and Jet Brown. Due to its gel formula, this mascara is not very durable, and of course very easy to clean. You simply compress the eyes for a few seconds with a cotton swab that has been given makeup remover, then wipe and the mascara will be lifted perfectly. The price of this mascara is quite pricey, which is Rp299,000. 

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise serves to give the effect of thick, volume, and long lashes. This mascara has a silky smooth formula so that the eyelashes become softer. This mascara is also non -clumping, waterproof, smudge proof, and does not cause flakes or black flakes that can damage the makeup on the face. This mascara is also washable, which means it is very easy to clean. The price is more affordable, which is Rp155,000.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara includes mascara with a super curling effect and gives volume so that eye makeup looks more spectacular. This mascara can make the eyelashes look longer and the eyes look bigger. This mascara is formulated to strengthen and nourish the eyelashes at the same time because it contains Cotton Nectar that can protect the eyelashes from falling out and soften and give a natural shine to the eyelashes. Uniquely, this mascara also has a choice of colors other than black, namely brown and blue that can make your eye makeup look different than usual.

This mascara also has a smudgeproof formula so it can last a long time and does not fade easily. Despite being smudgeproof, this mascara remains easy to clean. You can clean mascara using oil make up remover in no time. If you hear the Dior brand, the price is definitely quite expensive, but the quality does not need to be compared anymore. The price of this mascara is Rp595,000.

Wardah Perfect Curl Mascara

If your budget is right to buy high end products, local products are no less good, Girls. There is Wardah Perfect Curl Mascara that can curl and lengthen eyelashes. This mascara is long-lasting and guaranteed not to fade anywhere. The application of this mascara does not make the eyelashes clump and can give the effect of natural healthy eyelashes.

To clean this mascara you do not need to rub the eyes too hard because it can even make the eyelashes fall out easily. You just need to clean it with Wardah EyeXpert Eye and Lip Makeup Remover. The price of this mascara is also very affordable and will not drain your wallet, which is only Rp62,000. 

That’s a row of mascara that’s easy to clean. Guaranteed not to risk making eyelashes fall when removing makeup. Which is your favorite choice?